Apeejay Legacy


In 1910, Pyare Lal, a young patriot, responding to the nation's call for self-sufficiency, set up a small unit in Jalandhar, to manufacture steel goods for the domestic agricultural market. His untiring efforts saw the firm "Amin Chand Pyare Lal" grow and by World War II, become profitable enough to employ 100 people. The small unit in Jalandhar rapidly expanded into an enterprise, fuelled by a fierce pioneering spirit. It was destined to achieve many breakthroughs in post-independence India.

The Group was among the first importers of steel into India, challenged by the bottleneck created by the scarcity of steel and steel goods in the 1950s. It also set up the country's most advanced steel mill in Calcutta and was among the first to manufacture stainless steel in India. Soon it emerged as the third largest exporter of steel, pioneering exports to markets like UK and Japan.

Having started as steel importers, the company took an early interest in freight costs and shipping. It was therefore natural that in the mid 1950s the Group expanded to shipping. The 1960s saw the Group venture into hotels, real estate, construction and pharmaceuticals and in 1980s to tea with the acquisition of tea estates in Assam.

Over the years, this successful conglomerate came to be recognized as Apeejay Surrendra Group - the A standing for Amin Chand (Pyare Lal's father) P for Pyare Lal and J for Jalandhar. It is a perfect tribute to the industrious ancestors and founders as mic late Chairman, Surrendra Paul.well as remembering the place from where this illustrious journey began. It also honours its dyna.

Today, Apeejay Surrendra Group employs close to 42000 people in rapidly expanding operations in Tea, Hospitality, Shipping, Real Estate & Retail and Financial Services. The family values that have nurtured the Group continue to guide the conglomerate as it diversifies into new initiatives like Shipyards, Logistics & Knowledge Parks.



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