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Careers In Hospitality


Hospitality management graduates are recruited in the core operational areas of a hotel such as front office, housekeeping, food & beverage production and service, sales & marketing and training. After the completion of the course they are recruited through campus interviews as management or operational trainees and reach the position of an assistant manager in 2-3 years.

Alternative career options for Hospitality Graduates

Hospitality Management is referred as Hotel Management by many institutions affiliated to an approved board/university is of 3 year or 4 year duration after the class 12th. Besides having career opportunities in Hotels, Hospitality Graduates have many other alternative career options .Many Graduates have opted for alternative careers by acquiring the right skills and knowledge and have been successful. The alternative careers are

  • Food research

    1.Food Photography

    Professional food photographers work alongside food stylists to create images of food for use in advertising, menus, cookbooks and other print and online media.

  • Taj Mahal

    2. Travel & Tourism

    Students have opportunities to work with airlines, travel agencies, tourism organisations, travel portals, cruise liners, airports and handling documentation required in these fields. They can also make their career as an itinerary planner, tour coordinator or airport customer service executive.

  • Research

    3. Teaching & Research

    Teaching post graduate, graduate and diploma courses related to hospitality, conducting & guiding research projects. It can also involve taking up consultancy assignments based on one's enhanced academic qualifications & professional experience.

  • Entrepreneurship

    4. Entrepreneurship

    Hospitality graduates can venture into their own start-ups such as restaurants, industrial catering, event management and many more..........

  • Mall

    5. Mall, Multiplex & Entertainment Operations and Management

    Hospitality graduates have many avenues in terms of career opportunities in ever growing mall, multiplexes and amusement parks.

  • Retail room

    6. Retail & Lifestyle Management

    This can range from managing hypermarkets to high end luxury lifestyle brands

  • Journalism

    7. Hospitality Journalism

    Hotel management graduates have an option to join print or online hospitality magazines or work as a freelancer.

  • Enterpreneur research

    8. Food Reviewer

    Passionate food lovers can convert their love for food into a profession by tasting & evaluating food and service. Their critique & ratings are valued by food rating websites and consumers.

  • Event decoration

    9. Event Management

    Professional event management companies recruit hospitality graduates due to their competencies in managing social & corporate events.

  • Image

    10. Technology

    Hospitality graduates can be a part of software development, marketing and implementation teams for the hospitality and culinary related softwares.



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