The AIH portfolio draws accomplished faculty from academics, supplemented by visiting faculty from reputed institutions, experts from The Park Hotels and Professionals from the Hospitality and Services sectors. The faculty members capitalize on their business expertise and field experience, to develop new knowledge and long-term concepts. This helps in exposing the students to multiple perspectives - a crucial attribute for future leaders.

Mr. Shirish
MR. SHIRISH BOKDE | Associate Professor & Head of the Department - Front Office & IT DHMCT, PGDHAM (IHM, Mumbai), BSc( H & TM), M.T.M.

I am proud to be associated with the

Apeejay Institute of Hospitality

and The Park Hotels. As a faculty I get a platform here, where the latest trends in the industry reach me. Being updated with industry gives credibility to classroom teaching. I am passionate about technology and revenue management that I get to use regularly be it the B.Sc. programme, The Park Management Training programme or the training modules at The Park Hotels. I am the only person from academics to be a member of HATT (Hospitality -Healthcare Aviation Travel and Tourism) Global. As a Training coordinator, my networking skills with the industry help students getting selected for their internships or campus placements. AIH has always helped me take up things that are close to my heart.

Mrs. Laxmi
MS. LAXMI TODIWAN | Associate Professor & Head of the Department - Accommodations MTM, BSc H & HA, HMCT (IHM Mumbai), BA Sociology, CHE (AHLA), Dip.T&D (ISTD), HK (AHLA), COPC (British Institute of Cleaning Science).

I have been associated with the best institutions and organizations that I have worked with. I am extremely happy to be a part of AIH since its inception in 2007 and the journey has been extremely fulfilling both professionally and personally. The roles given to me here have helped me hone my skills. I love what I do as a professor, hotel trainer and counselor. The environment and the young students help me to keep young, energized and updated with the times.

Mr. Manoj
CHEF MANOJ PATKAR | Associate Professor & Head of the Department - Food Production DHMCT, IHM, Goa , BSc in Hotel Management & Catering Operations, MBA - Hospitality Management

Teaching is my passion and that is all it takes to enjoy this noble profession. Having travelled around the world on work, AIH is what I call home now. Our students thrive on the culinary skills which encompass a wonderful blend of theory knowledge and the real world practical experiences. This is certainly a great platform for the budding chefs as being a part of the hotel adds value to the learning and its application.

Mr. Somnath Pattanshetti, BHM, IATA Consultant Instructor. Associate Professor & Head of Department, Food and Beverage Service.

I am passionate about the aviation industry, that’s how I supplemented my hotel management studies with courses in aviation offered by IATA, Canada. AIH is the only hospitality institute which gives me the opportunity to train students in the hotel premises along with regular classroom teaching as well as conducting the IATA foundation course.

Mr. Vinay Khatoo
Mr. Vinay Khatoo | Asst. Professor (Food & Beverage Service) MTM (IGNOU), DHMCT

AIH has been a place for self development for me, the work environment is great. I get to use different methods for teaching -learning also referring to the latest books and learning videos. I get to use the facilities and resources of the attached hotel, The Park Navi Mumbai. It encourages me to have innovative thinking and use my imagination. I have started writing my own blog. If I have to express one of my noteworthy achievements then it would be being a part of the organizing committee of the University of Mumbai for the National Science Congress.

Ms. Smita Borse
Ms. Smita Borse | Lecturer- Accommodations B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration (IHM Ahmedabad), Masters in Hotel Management.

It has been an interesting and challenging journey at AIH handling my responsibilities pertaining to the B.Sc. Hospitality Studies, The Park Management Training programs, Workshops and events. I feel Accommodation Operations is all about clean, hygienic and aesthetic environment but more important is the first Impression that it creates. I believe that creative presentation of amenities generates a lasting impression in the minds of the guests. The theme events, floral decorations, origami etc help students to use their imagination and creativity.

 Chef  Amrita Prabhu
Chef Amrita Prabhu Desai | Lecturer- Food Production and Bakery PGD P&C-London, M.Sc in Hotel and Tourism Management, University of Mumbai.

I am extremely proud to be a part of AIH. I am very passionate about my job as a Bakery and Patisserie Chef. It has always been my aim to follow the classical techniques in baking and also make use of the latest equipments. I believe in giving hands on experience and step by step assistance to the students in their kitchen and bakery practical classes. The teacher student ratio at AIH which is a very robust 1:10, that makes it extremely convenient for the focused attention each student receives. I also enjoy conducting bakery workshops for enthusiasts be it housewives, children or teen agers.

Ms. Reena Patil
Ms. Reena Patil | Librarian BA (Philosophy), M.L.I.Sc (University Of Mumbai)

My work as a librarian involves managing all learning resources of AIH be it the rare books, hospitality journals, learning videos and other AV support. Also , the magazines, fiction and newspapers. Resource centre is the place where everyone visits to update themselves, carry out research or just relax with a magazine or newspaper. Being with the hospitality institute helps me find a great blend of passion and profession, food being my interest. Here I also get to know of the likes and dislikes of students and what’s generally popular with them.

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